Florida Legislature: Vacation Rental Fight Revs Up Again

How – and who – should oversee Fla. vacation rentals? The Florida Legislature has debated the topic for years, and it’s still a high priority issue for Florida Realtors. This year’s version would make Airbnb collect taxes, remit them to the state, ensure proper licensing and more.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A years-long effort to block local governments from regulating vacation rentals is on the move again, as House and Senate leaders revive a proposal to prevent cities and counties from inspecting and licensing properties offered on platforms such as Airbnb.

In a 10-7 vote on Wednesday, the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee gave an initial nod to the latest iteration of the proposal (HB 219).

While the legislation has morphed over the past few years, the controversy over the issue has remained consistent, and it’s a top priority for Florida Realtors heading into the 2021 session of the Florida Legislature.

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